What is the role of The Fiji Public Trustee Corporation Limited?

The Fiji Public Trustee Corporation Limited was corporatised in April 2006 to take on the role of the Public Trustee office. It was established by government to provide professional, affordable and accessible Estate and Trustee services to the people of Fiji.

Why does the community need Fiji Public Trustee?

All Governments are concerned that every persons with legal capacity, has an up to date Will. Government is concerned to ensure that all Fijians have access to professional, affordable, accessible trustee services and full estate administration. It is also important that everyone in our community has access to professional and affordable Will making Service.The Fiji Public Trustee Corporation limited formally known as Public Trustee office was originally created to tackle the demand for affordable, accessible trustee services and full estate administration. The Corporation is the leading expert in Fiji solely dedicated to the core business of full estate administration and Trustee services. It is important for people to know that we are renowned for our Will making services. Fiji Public Trustee Corporation Limited (FPTCL) or Fiji Public Trustee is a Government Commercial Company that is self funded.

Why Choose Fiji Public Trustee Corporation Limited?

  • We have the qualification, skills, knowledge and experience over 30 years.
  • We are an institution that survives indefinitely.
  • We provide impartiality in managing disputes between families.
  • We manage long term trusts created in the Will
  • We administer overseas assets
  • We currently hold over 4,000 wills
  • We manage 12,000 Estates & Trust with a value over $30M
  • We Avoid any potential bias in estates distribution
  • FPTCL takes full responsibility for administering your assets in accordance with your wishes.
  • We pay out annual interest on all trust funds held in our custody.
  • We are established and supported by government whilst maintaining independence as professional trustees.
  • We have strong governance and regulatory controls in place.
  • Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and are audited by the Office of the Auditor General annually.