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Who can administer an estate?

The next of kin of the deceased, and/or the Fiji Public Trustee.

What is the role of the Fiji Public Trustee in estates administration?

As administrator, we administer deceased estates in line with the relevant legislation and distribution of estates to the surviving beneficiaries.

How do estates get referred to the Fiji Public Trustee?

If the testator appoints the Fiji Public Trustee as sole executor and trustee.

If the next of kin of the deceased authorizes the Fiji Public Trustee to act as administrator.

By way of court order where the Fiji Public Trustee gets appointed by the court in circumstances where there is minor beneficiaries in the estate, and/or beneficiaries who are of unsound mind.

What happens after a referral is made?

If it is referral by the court we at Fiji Public Trustee contact the next of kin to call into the office and fulfill our administration requirements.

If it is a referral by the next of kin of the deceased the Fiji Public Trustee meets the next of kin and the beneficiaries and inform them to fulfill the requirements of administration.

Who pays the deceased's funeral expenses?

Even though we are appointed executors most of the funeral expenses are being taken care of by the family members and the beneficiaries.

How much does it cost for the Fiji Public Trustee to administer an estate?

It would depend on the value of the estate. (Fees Schedule attached)

How long does it take the Fiji Public Trustee to administer an estate?

It would depend on what type of estate it is.

Who is entitled to estate funds?

The lawful beneficiaries of the deceased estate.

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