Major Roles

  • To provide legal advisory services.
  • To attend to all court cases on behalf of the Company.

Legal Assistance to Trust Section

Application to High Court

for FNPF threshold applications.

Legal Assistance to Estate Section

  • Application to Court for sale of property.
  • Application to Court for removal of caveat.
  • Application to Court for appointment of Fiji Public Trustee as executor and trustee.
  • Settling of estate dispute cases between multiple beneficiaries.
  • Liaise with external stakeholders on important matters affecting the company.

Additional Legal Services

Preparation of Record of Death documents:-

  • For properties registered as joint tenants.

Preparation of Living Transfer Documents:-

For the living  by way of natural love and affection.

  • For the deceased where Letters of Administration is granted in person or Probate granted to the Executor other than the Fiji Public Trustee.

Deed Poll Services.

Drafting of general legal documents “ Simple Affidavits etc.

Commissioner for Oath Services.

Provide legal consultation on family matters, divorce papers, simple affidavits etc.


What is a Power of Attorney?

A legal document that enables an individual to designate another person, called the attorney in fact, to act on his/her behalf as long as the individual does not become disabled or incapacitated.

What can the Fiji Public Trustee do as Power of Attorney?

Allowing the Fiji Public Trustee to be your appointed Power of Attorney assures you the proper management of your financial affairs such as:-

  • Collect and account for clients income. This includes rents, dividends etc.
  • Pay accounts and bills such as, rents, rates, electricity, water etc.
  • Manage your real estate. This includes rent collection, property inspection, attending to local authorities requirements etc.