What is Conveyancing ?

Conveyancing or conveyance is the documentation of the transfer of ownership of land from one party to another. Conveyances are in two folds. Firstly it is the Investigation and Drafting then followed by the compliance and Delivery.

Investigating and Drafting

Fiji Public Trustee Corporations Limited will investigate that the property is of a good title. When administering an Estate or simply helping a client to purchase a property. The corporation will be responsible for the investigation and drafting of the necessary documents and corresponding to the necessary stakeholders.

The drafting of documents include Transfer, Transmission by Death, CGT applications, Stamp Duty, Power of Attorney, Probate applications, Letters of administration and corresponded to the Stake holders that are involved in the Estate.

Compliance and Delivery

Estate administrations have been the core business of Fiji Public Trustee where conveyance service is all part of the extra service provided. Changing laws make complying with the stakeholders requirement important for the success of the Transfer of Title between parties. Services include:

  • Application for Consent to Transfer or Mortgage from NLTB, Lands Department and Housing Authority
  • Application for Stamp Duty
  • Application For Capital Gains Tax
  • Application for FNPF Discharge
  • Registration of Instruments at Registry of Titles
  • Apply for Valuation with renowned agents in Fiji

Such is the nature of conveyance services that delivery and uplifting of documents worthy for registration at Registry of titles, is a hassle for anyone. Delivery of correspondence and constant follow up until the instruments are lodged is important to us. With Professional follow up system and good relationship with stakeholders, Fiji Public Trustee Corporations Limited delivers conveyance service in a Timely and Professional Manner.