Wills Information Brochure


1 Current Passport Size Photo of the Testator/Testatrix

1 Original Birth Certificate of Testator/Testatrix

Second ID (ie. Voter ID/Passport/FRCA/FNPF/Driving License Card)

Copy of Title (if there is a property)

Copy of Marriage Certificate

Copy of Birth Certificate of beneficiary(ies) who will be named in the Will

Copy of Bank Statement

Copy of Share Certificate (s)

Copy of Third Party for Motor Vehicles

Any other document related to other Assets of Testator/Testatrix

Fees payable for preparation of Will - $15.00
Fees payable to CRHC - $ 5.45
Appointing FPTCL as Executor/Trustee - $20.45
Appointing anyone else as Executor/Trustee - $30.45